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Reflecting on 2023: Year in Review

Discover the milestones and success stories of our year. Learn about the impactful projects, meaningful partnerships, and the strides we made in fostering inclusivity across various sectors.
Collage featuring simplified elements representing professional projects from 2023, including a training manual, an online course interface, an advocacy brief, a personalized education plan, a survey report, an early child development portal, and a toolkit for arts events. The elements are arranged to emphasize collaboration, diversity, and social impact, with subtle nods to projects in Nepal and the USA. The overall tone of the collage is celebratory and positive, suitable for a New Year's post.

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At Diverse Patterns, we're more than just a professional service provider - we're your allies in growth and development. With our authority in Research, Training Development, Inclusive Programming, and App productions, you can trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations.
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Diverse Patterns is a professional services company that helps to cleints build stronger and impactful organizations. Our expertise spans all sectors and phases of organizations and projects — from baseline surveys to program evaluation, from resource development to trainings and from ideas to web and mobile apps.
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Our clients have shared their experiences of working with us.
Tika Dahal
Tika Dahal
"We have been using Diverse Patterns for over 3 years now. They have always understood our needs and given us exactly what we needed. We would recommend DP to anyone looking for a reliable research partner."
Manish Prasai
Manish Prasai
"Diverse Patterns has lived up to our expectations by offering high quality service. They delivered what they promised in timely fashion. The communication was clear and concise. Their response time was excellent. They met all of our expectations. We highly recommend them!"
Pawan Ghimire
Pawan Ghimire
Cricket Association of Blind
We worked with Diverse Patterns to create accessible technology for our website, including patterns and imagery, and style guides.
Mandala Theatre Nepal
Somnath Khanal
"There is substantial research that shows that diversity in teams results in higher performance. Our Diversity training by Diverse Patterns is eye opener for our organization and helped us see the importance of taking unconscious bias into consideration."
Somnath Khanal
CIL Kathmandu
Ganesh KC
Diverse Patterns listened to what we wanted, and performed on that. The process was really easy and the CMS is easy to use. The UI and UX of the website is on point, and we are so happy with the end result.
Ganesh KC