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Including adolescents with disabilities in research


Participatory Action Research with Disabled Adolescents in Nepal (PARDAN) is research conducted to explore how adolescents with disabilities have experienced the pandemic in rural Myagdi and Udaypur of Nepal using participatory, inclusive research methods. 

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Getting to Equal: Diversity & Inclusion Advantage for any business


Higher Revenue


Higher Net Income


Better Performance on Economic Profit Margin

It's your turn!

We will walk with you in the journey to make your business more relevant and profitable in today’s era by considering the value of diverse customers and employees.

How can we help you?

Lower Turnover, Higher Productivity & Higher Employee Morale are few of the many benefits of making your business/organization Inclusive.  And these are benefits beyond the “nice feeling” you have from being inclusive.

We offer you following services to help you reach your goal of making your organization inclusive and diverse.

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Diversity Training

We can provide diversity and inclusion related training to your staffs and executive. It will make your customer service better.

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Access Audit

Office space with Universal Designs can be beneficial for your customers as well as employee. We can do an access audit and recommend you on how it can be done.

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Mental Health at Workplace

Well being of a company is directly to related to well being of its team members. Our counselors can work with you to make a plan for mental well being of all of your employees at workplace.

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Events for ALL

Organizing an event? Let us take care of details to make this event accessible and inclusive for all. Number of participants will increase and everyone will have a much better experience.

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Policies Review

We can review all your policies and point out to you if there are any provisions that is keeping your company from being inclusive.

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Digital Accessibility

What's the use of your colorful website and brochures, if all of your customers aren't able to use it. We can make your digital presence accessible to your customers of all abilities.

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Legal Compliance & Inclusive Governance

Time is changing and so are the legal obligations of company towards inclusiveness and diversity. Our lawyers will keep you informed on the necessary legal compliance so you won't land in any legal affairs.

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Inclusive HR

High Turnover? We will help you find your next employee from a untapped pool of talent who will not only work hard, but will value the job as well.

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Creative CSR

Never again, will you have to do a CSR activity on the basis of a hunch. We will work with you to design your CSR activities that can leave an impact as well as promote your brand.

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Inclusion and Diversity Business Strategy

Inclusion and Diversity are good for business, if done right. They have many benefits and also help directly in higher revenue generation. We can work with you to develop inclusion strategy with the business in mind.

Who we've worked with

World Bank Group
Australian Embassy, Kathmandu
Integrity Action
National Federation of the Disabled - Nepal (NFDN)
Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST)
Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal
Independent Living Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Kathmandu (CIL)
Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA)
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