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Activity for all / Sabai Sakriya

A open gym in front of an apartment building.
Diverse Patterns is collaborating with Kathmandu University School of Arts and the Institute for Global Health in an initiative to promote physical activity and inclusivity in Kathmandu. Through participatory action research, we aim to identify the factors influencing the utilization of outdoor gyms by individuals with disabilities in two Kathmandu wards.

Project Summary

Globally 1.4 billion adults do not meet the recommended levels of 150-300 minutes a week of physical activity. Physical activity contributes towards the prevention of non-communicable diseases, functional and cognitive decline, disability, and improved quality of life.

The WHO has issued physical activity guidance that relates to people with disabilities and chronic conditions, but there are significant research gaps about these groups in low-and middle-income countries.

In Kathmandu, outdoor gym equipment has been installed in open spaces and parks to encourage physical activity. Our collaboration between Diverse Patterns, Kathmandu University School of Arts, and the Institute for Global Health will work with people with disabilities to explore what affects the use of outdoor gyms by people with disabilities in two wards in Kathmandu. Through this participatory action research we will engage designers and policy makers in a dialogue about the ways they could improve the accessibility of outdoor gyms.

Project information

Dates: September 2023- July 2024

Principal Investigator: Dr Joanna Morrison

Partners: Mr Sagar Prasai, Diverse Patterns

Dr Niraj Poudyal, Kathmandu University

Location: Nepal and London

Project Metadata


Understand the situation of outdoor gym accessibility for people with disabilities in two wards of Kathmandu through participatory action research and recommend solutions in collaboration with relevant stakeholders

Start Date: Sep, 2023 | End Date: Jul, 2024

Project Status