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Beyond the Norm: A guide to planning inclusive and accessible festival and events

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Diverse Patterns, in collaboration with the British Council, presents 'Beyond the Norms: A Guide to Planning Inclusive and Accessible Events and Festivals.' This toolkit offers practical wisdom for event organizers, artists, curators, and inclusion advocates to create a world where diverse voices are celebrated, talents shine, and everyone, including individuals with disabilities, can fully participate in the vibrant tapestry of arts and culture.

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Discover how you can shatter barriers in the world of arts and culture.
Limited participation by disabled individuals has led to missed opportunities and untapped potential. This book, a collaboration between the British Council and Diverse Patterns, offers practical guidance for making both virtual and in-person events accessible to people with disabilities. Artists, curators, event organisers, and inclusion advocates will find the tools to create a world where all voices are heard, talents shine, and diverse stories come to life.

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To create a comprehensive toolkit offering practical guidance for making events and festivals accessible to people with disabilities, thereby championing inclusivity within the world of arts and culture.


Start Date: Jul, 2023 | End Date: Oct, 2023

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