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Empowering Change: Digital Solutions for "Change Starts at Home"

A mobile app displaying pictures of people and text in Nepali
Diverse Patterns partnered with "Change Starts at Home" by Equal Access International, embarking on a dual-pronged initiative to digitize curriculum and develop a robust application. The digitized curriculum, now available as an offline mobile app, fosters incremental learning, while the intricately designed app empowers project staff with tools for effective management and assessment. This holistic effort is poised to usher in transformative change by fostering dialogue, combating gender-based violence, and championing women's empowerment at the grassroots level.

Project Summary

Diverse Patterns spearheaded a transformative initiative in collaboration with "Change Starts at Home," a significant project undertaken by Equal Access International across two local bodies in Nepal. The primary aim of this endeavor is to cultivate open discussions within families, thereby eradicating gender-based violence and promoting women's empowerment. This project is underpinned by the conviction that change begins at the domestic sphere and resonates across society.

In line with this vision, Diverse Patterns embarked on the digitization of the "Big Change" curriculum, an essential component of the project. The curriculum, a rich amalgamation of text, images, and audio resources, was ingeniously transformed into an offline downloadable mobile application. This innovative transition makes the curriculum accessible week by week, enabling community members to engage seamlessly.

Moreover, Diverse Patterns achieved another milestone by crafting a user-friendly yet intricate mobile application. This app was meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of "Change Starts at Home." Equipped with diverse features, the app empowers project staff to log meetings, record participant attendance, document interests, and track completion of tasks as stipulated by the curriculum. The app, accompanied by a web-based dashboard, emerges as a comprehensive tool for monitoring and assessment.

The web-based dashboard, a sophisticated extension of the app, amalgamates a wealth of data for comprehensive insights. It aggregates cumulative reports of meetings, gauges project staff performance, assesses meeting participation and individual interests, and gauges overall progress on the ground. This centralized platform augments project management and decision-making through a holistic perspective.

Project Metadata


To digitally transform the "Big Change" curriculum into an accessible mobile app and develop a user-friendly application with complex functionalities to enhance the management and assessment of "Change Starts at Home" project activities.

Start Date: Oct, 2021 | End Date: Jan, 2023

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