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Disability Inclusion in ECED- Training Manual

A booklet with a picture of a child in a wheelchair.
Diverse Patterns, together with partners, crafted an empowering training manual. This manual is a guide for teachers to support kids with disabilities and create an inclusive environment. It's endorsed by CEHRD and is a valuable resource for educators and anyone interested in inclusive education.

Project Summary

Diverse Patterns joined hands with Handicap International, UNICEF, and the Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) to create something special—a training manual that helps Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) teachers support children with disabilities. This manual is a result of teamwork and insights from teachers, experts, and others. It's designed to be a 7-day training program, based on CEHRD's guidelines. Inside, there are many topics, like understanding disabilities, embracing diversity in ECED, effective teaching methods, and even creating personalized education plans. Importantly, CEHRD has given its approval to this manual, and it's available on their website for everyone to learn from.

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To develop a user-friendly training manual that equips ECED teachers with skills and knowledge for inclusive education, in partnership with Handicap International, UNICEF, and CEHRD.

Start Date: Jan, 2023 | End Date: Jul, 2023

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