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Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Management Platform Development

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Diverse Patterns is developing an easy-to-use platform for schools in Nepal, enabling teachers, parents, and professionals to collaborate on personalized education plans for children with disabilities. This initiative is about making learning more inclusive and adaptable to each child, fostering a brighter future for education across the country.

Project Summary

Diverse Patterns is leading an exciting project that's all about making education better for kids with disabilities and special needs in Nepali schools. We're building a special online platform that teachers, parents, and other experts can use. This platform will help them create personalized plans, like roadmaps, for each child to learn in the best way possible. These plans are called Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Imagine if each student had their own plan for learning. That's what IEPs do. They make sure that teachers know exactly what helps a student learn and what might be challenging. With this new platform, teachers can design IEPs that fit each student's unique needs. Parents, who know their children best, can join in too, sharing their insights and helping create effective plans. Experts like therapists can also contribute their ideas to make these plans even better.

But this platform isn't just for classrooms. It's about making education inclusive and flexible for everyone. The platform lets everyone involved keep track of a student's progress and make changes as they grow and learn.

Starting in certain districts and schools, we're laying the groundwork for big changes. We're teaming up with CEHRD to spread these improvements all across Nepal. This way, we're not only shaping the future of education but also creating a more welcoming and fair society.

Our project isn't just about technology; it's about believing in every child's potential. By creating an education system that adapts to each student, we're giving them the best chance to succeed. We're excited to take this journey towards a brighter future, one where every child's strengths are celebrated, and education becomes a path to empowerment and progress.

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To create an accessible and efficient platform that simplifies the process of making and managing IEPs for children with disabilities and functional limitations in Nepali schools.

Start Date: Jul, 2023 | End Date: Sep, 2023

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