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We promote business innovations through Diversity and Inclusion.

Diverse patterns is established with the aim of helping organizations achieve more, both in terms of revenue generation and work impact, by being able to cater the need of diverse range of customers/beneficiaries.

Who Are We

Diverse Patterns is a team of professionals having expertise in various domains; who are ready to bring this knowledge to your organization and help you become innovative.

Our Mission

To provide range of quality innovative services at that will help organizations diversify themselves and achieve more both in-terms of revenue generation  & doing impactful work.

What We Do

We provide consultancy  services ranging from trainings, policy reviews, inclusive customer services to access audit of physical and digital properties; at competitive rates.

Our Story

Diverse Patterns exists only because there are no other agencies who provides services like ours. When it comes to issues of Inclusion and Diversity, it is often mistaken as topics of development sector. However, today these issues are as much relevant to businesses as development sectors, if not more. 

Top Brands of the world has already begun to hire inclusion consultants or even set up a department for inclusion issues.  In her book Inclusion: The New Competitive Business Advantage“, Shirley Engelmeier, a top business strategist discusses  how inclusion is linked directly to business success and growth.

“Executives will begin to take inclusion seriously when they realize its direct link to business, which is why it is highly urgent for every organization to have a C-suite executive focused on embracing inclusion.”

In our economy, even if a business or any other organization wants to be make themselves more inclusive and diverse, there are not any agencies who will provide services related to this. There are couple of non-profit organization who are working on the issues of inclusion but purely from development perspective.

Thus to fulfill this gap of knowledge and expertise,  Diverse Patterns brings you a team of professional from both private and development sector; who have knowledge, experience an qualification to walk the talk of inclusion and diversity. Also, we want to assure that, all our services are purely based on business model.


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