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Accessibility Audit (Signange)

Diverse Patterns Team talking with Clinical Team at the Hospital
Diverse Patterns recently conducted an accessibility audit at Biratnagar Eye Hospital to enhance signage accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The audit included collaborative assessment with hospital staff and patients, culminating in recommendations for improved inclusivity.

Project Summary

Diverse Patterns, led by its director Sagar Prasai, recently visited Biratnagar Eye Hospital to conduct an accessibility audit of the hospital's signages. The objective of the visit was to identify any barriers that people with disabilities may face while navigating the hospital and provide recommendations for improvement.

During the visit, the Diverse Patterns team, along with the assistance of the hospital team, assessed the accessibility of the hospital's signages, including their size, location, and legibility. The team also engaged with patients and staff to understand their experiences and identify any additional accessibility needs.

The audit was conducted in collaboration with the Province 1 office of National Federation of the disabled Nepal, which provided local coordination and facilitated the engagement with the hospital. The team also worked closely with the hospital administration to ensure a smooth and productive visit.

As a result of the audit, Diverse Patterns will provide a detailed report to the hospital outlining its findings and recommendations for improving the accessibility of its signages. The report will include practical and cost-effective suggestions for making the hospital more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities.

Overall, the visit was a valuable opportunity for Diverse Patterns to promote disability inclusion and raise awareness about the importance of accessibility in healthcare facilities. Through its work, Diverse Patterns aims to create a more inclusive and equitable society, where all individuals have equal access to opportunities and services.Regenerate response

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To conduct an accessibility audit of the hospital's signages, provide recommendations for improvement, and work with the hospital to ensure equal access for all, regardless of ability.

Start Date: Feb, 2023 | End Date: Feb, 2023

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